Salt For Your Soul is proud to offer a wide variety of retail products designed to enhance your salt or float experience. These are just a few of the many products for sale; visit us to check out everything

Himalayan Salt Fire & Ice Bowl: $44.95
Himalayan Luna Lamp – Crafted from rare white Himalayan salt: $49.95
Washitsu style basket lamp with Himalayan pink salt crystals: $54.95
Medium abundance bowl: $44.95
Small Pyramid Salt Lamp: $44.95
Rare RED Himalayan Salt Lamp: $44.95
Great for sore throats. Cleans produce and keeps it fresh longer. Ten drops in 8 oz water helps boost immunity
Grounding has been shown to have many health benefits including improved thyroid hormone levels, glucose levels, sleep, and reduced cortisol levels. Take one home and connect with the Earth anytime! $49.00
McClary Bros. small batch Drinking Vinegars. Drinking Vinegars are delicious in salad dressings, marinades and sauces. Apple pie, cherry, & watermelon flavors available: $14.95
Mindful Minerals personal care products. Formulated with the highest quality natural botanicals, fruit extracts and the over 35 minerals and trace elements harvested from the Dead Sea. These minerals, 12 of which are exclusive only to the Dead Sea, are vital for the optimal functioning of the skin and body: Prices vary